Modern armchairs, design and transformable when needed

Comfortable, upholstered and transformable, LAGO armchairs are ideal to complete your living area or bedroom with style, giving colour and versatility to your spaces. Transforming when needed into comfortable beds, single or double, they welcome even unexpected guests in an embrace of comfort and creativity.

beige fabric armchair | Air Armchair | LAGO

Air Armchair

soft designer living room armchair | Air Soft Armchair | LAGO

Air Soft Armchair

freestanding backrest | Air Soft Free Armchair | LAGO

Air Soft Free Armchair

comfortable living room armchair | Happening Armchair | LAGO

Happening Armchair

living room swivel armchair | Zeppelin Armchair | LAGO

Zeppelin Armchair

armchair with convertible backrest | Sand Armchair | LAGO

Sand Armchair

convertible fabric armchair | Chama Armchair | LAGO

Chama Armchair

beige armchair bed | Huggy Armchair | LAGO

Huggy Armchair

A selection of the best variants

Air Armchair 0858 | LAGO

Air Armchair


Air Armchair 0859 | LAGO

Air Armchair


Air Armchair 0860 | LAGO

Air Armchair


Happening  Armchair 1458 | LAGO

Happening Armchair


Happening Armchair 1460 | LAGO

Happening Armchair


Happening  Armchair 1461 | LAGO

Happening Armchair


Chama Armchair 2588 | LAGO

Chama Armchair


Huggy Armachiar 2590 | LAGO

Huggy Armchair


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