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Pentagram Bookshelf

A modular bookcase with floating shelves

Designer Daniele Lago · 2022

Like a musical score sets out the melodic pattern, the Pentagram modular bookcase unfolds across the wall, dictating the rhythm of the interiors. Minimalist shelves jut out from the back panel, creating a dynamic yet lightweight look. The sense of being suspended is reinforced by the lighting built into the back panels, decorated with outstanding visuals in XGlass, coloured glass and lacquered finishes. With three units in different widths, three for floor-standing designs and three for wall-mounted compositions, they can be combined easily and flexibly to create arrangements that suit your needs. The floor-standing model of the Pentagram bookcase can include practical storage units that make full use of the bottom-hung door opening, to create a desk space for use as a home office.

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modular bookcase with lit marble back panels | Pentagram Bookshelf | LAGO

Customisable back panels

The back panels are attached to the wall using practical fasteners to create this modular Pentagram bookcase. They provide the backdrop to the stunning textured effects of XGlass and the creatively colourful, lacquered glass, which take centre stage.

Built-in lighting

The back panel sides from which the shelves jut out feature elegantly integrated lighting, emphasising the floating effect around the ornaments on display and underlining the exquisite bookcase finishes.
modular wall-mounted bookcase | Pentagram Bookshelf | LAGO

Cantilevered shelves

Minimalist shelves of different lengths extend across from the wall, sometimes aligned, sometimes not, generating a dynamic sense of rhythm that spotlights your prized possessions floating graciously above.

A selection of the best variants

Pentagram Shelving 1450 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1450

Pentagram Shelving 1451 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1451

Pentagram Shelving 1452 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1452

Pentagram Shelving 1453 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1453

Pentagram Shelving 1455-1 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1455

Pentagram Shelving 1457 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1457

Pentagram Shelving 1456 | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf 1456

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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