Hypoallergenic, flame retardant and durable designer carpets complete your modern living room with style

Modern carpets made of technical materials create a rich collection with solid colours or essential graphics, available in long pile or short pile. LAGO designer carpets offer high resistance to wear and tear and trampling, as well as very good maintenance. Their flame-retardant qualities and hypoallergenic properties make them perfect for lasting and stylishly decorating every area of the home.

beige short pile rug | Ammos Rug | LAGO

Ammos Rug

Living room with modern rugs | Pulse Rug | LAGO

Pulse Rug

grey designer rugs | Dive Rug | LAGO

Dive Rug

modern living room rugs | Glenn Rug | LAGO

Glenn Rug

blue short pile rug | Phos Rug | LAGO

Phos Rug

dark design rug | Kaya Carpet | LAGO

Kaya Rug

alfombra gris | Alfombra Suna | LAGO

Suna Rug

brown designer living room rug | Mozek Carpet | LAGO

Mozek Rug

living room rug | Kipo Carpet |LAGO

Kipo Rug

modern living room rug | Diman Carpet | LAGO

Diman Rug

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