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Children’s Room

Furniture for children and teens' bedrooms

Children and teens' bedrooms become original environments where creativity and imagination can take space with customizable bookshelves to draw on, colorful desks, cozy beds like nests, suspended wardrobes, and space-saving solutions. A wide range of furnishings for bedrooms designed to measure and built to last over time.

Teenage bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Single Beds

Comfortable and colourful, safe and sustainable, LAGO single beds are suspended like clouds or tree houses and become perfect refuges for little ones' adventures.

Single Beds
Children's bedroom desk | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Furniture for children's rooms

Design furniture that is perfect for optimising the space in a child's room and making them dream: customised solutions that meet high standards of quality and durability guarantee long-lasting, timeless products.

Furniture for children's room
Children's bedroom wardrobe | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Wardrobes for children's rooms

Wardrobes for children's rooms, bridged, hanging, coloured or in fabric, are transformed into magic boxes, capable of safely containing the dreams and fantasies of the little ones.

Wardrobes for children's rooms
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